chef crafted ice cream

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Bona Bona Ice Cream is the joyful creation of Chef Nick Di Bona.  For him, it’s all about flavor.  And to get the best flavor, he uses the best possible ingredients and makes it in small batches, from scratch, with love. Bona Bona is an ever-evolving collection of delicious and imaginitive flavors served up in cones, bowls and shakes. 


The ice cream is sold out of our truck, BonaBona 1, from our kiosk at SMORGASBURG, at public events, stadiums, food fairs, country clubs, restaurants and... your place (look over there to the right). Coming soon: Summer 2018 you will be able to sit down for ice cream and more at our first Bona Bona dessert restaurant. Construction is well under way on our 5000 sq. ft.  flagship storefront at 10 Westchester Avenue in fabulous Port Chester, New York.  

I want more, please!

We cater to you. The truck, carts and the Bona Bona Ice Cream bar are available year round. We appear at large events, private parties, sporting events, concerts - think of some kind of festivity or happening, and Bona Bona will be there.