Bona Bona

Smorgasburg can be taxing. The food is heavy. The sun is oppressive. They won’t let you walk around with your booze. Get you a scoop of Bona Bona’s fresh mint ice cream. Each treat gets topped with a little hat of blow-torch-brûléed marshmallow that perfectly balances the dessert. There, you’re a new person. Back to the feast.

-the thrillist


Bona Bona Will Open an Ice Cream Emporium in Port Chester

Chef Nick Di Bona, a “Chopped” champion known for bringing small plates to Larchmont with his restaurant Madison Kitchen as well as for his Bona Bona ice cream truck, is busy with his next venture: a 5,000-square-foot Bona Bona ice cream emporium in Port Chester which he hopes to open by July.


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On a Craft Ice Cream Scale, I give (Bona Bona's Holy Cannoli) a 10/10. The BEST I've Had All Year!

-powered by ice cream/family food dude

Bona Bona Ice Cream found at Smorgasburg, NYC not only carries inventive flavors but offers cones with a toasted marshmallow top!